AMS offers procurement advisory programs and procurement outsourcing consulting services that drive measurable improvements in our clients’ operational efficiency and effectiveness.


AMS combines strategic procurement consulting services, cutting-edge technology, and managed services to help clients achieve their strategic, operational and financial objectives.

Our comprehensive range of procurement consulting capabilities includes:

Opportunity Assessment / Strategic Cost Management / Supply Risk Management


AMS offers very effective quality assurance services for you and your business. Quality assurance is aimed to secure the foundation of the business whilst building more success on top of it. For anyone without proper knowledge and experience this can be a very challenging task.

The service works both ways. We not only monitor and manage the quality of your production, but the quality of supplies, raw materials and services being brought in from suppliers, mediators. AMS will make sure that everything meets a particular policy is standard compliant, etc.

How it works? Point One draws up a management plan in order to build and implement a quality assurance system. The latter helps control and overlook the needs and goals of your business. Global sourcing, business processes of all sorts, procurement – quality assurance benefits and is critical in each one of these areas.

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