AMS is a trading company headquartered in Turkey. AMS is providing aluminium solutions for the metal-consuming industries. As a supplier and partner we have a far-reaching, international contact network as well as numerous subsidiaries in Europe.
Our special skills and knowledge come from more than 20 years of experience. Thanks to our dedicated and capable staff, we are characterised by competent guidance and extensive in-house knowledge of aluminium. Each and every day, we work hard to realise and develop solutions that focus on the customer’s specific requirements.
Our vision is: ”TO BE NUMBER 1 – By creating competitiveness for our partners” We hereby undertake to constantly increase our efforts in the area of quality. All our endeavours aim to ensure that our customers and suppliers always enjoy good cooperation with AMS.

The heart of our business: precision extrusion;

It’s important to know that not every extruder (extrusion supplier) can or will offer you what you need. Many companies in this industry focus on pressing large quantities of aluminium. AMS, on the other hand, focuses mainly on high quality and service.

AMS has been the benchmark for decades when it comes to extrusion. Everything in our company is focused on optimizing the product and processing it into a top-quality item. Our technology, knowledge and experience enable us to produce complex aluminium profiles. With the extensive experience of AMS’s engineers, we’ll be pleased to assist you in your design process. This enables you to get the best out of your products. Our engineers will be pleased to help you. Co-engineering often results in the best products, in which AMS’s knowledge on extrusion enriches your product knowledge.

From profile to product, we offer you maximum relief within the supply chain! We assist our customers from co-creation to assembly and logistics.